Medical Research Building/Washer Disinfector & Sterilizer Upgrade Project

Project Location:

364 Plantation Street, Worcester, MA

Description of Work:

Demo and removal for 16 existing washer/disinfectors and 17 sterilizers over 8 floors in research building. Perform all required site prep including mechanical , plumbing and electrical upgrades. Modified steam supply and return piping/valves. Modified hot and cold water piping/valves/gauges. Modified D/I water lines and valves. Installed new chilled water return loop piping for installation of 16 new Belimed WD290 Washer/Disinfectors and 16 Belimed V606 and 1 V609 sterilizers.

Work Performed for: Belimed, Inc.
Status: Project in progress. Projected completion August 2020.

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